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    4. Can you share one of your most memorable passenger stories? We received a call several years ago from a mother whose 22-year-old daughter, Courtney, suffered from a life-threatening kidney disease. She was set to be discharged to hospice care from a Denver hospital, but her mother was able to find doctors at John Hopkins in Baltimore willing to treat Courtney if she could get there. I called a friend with a jet to see if he could do the flight. He said he could do it next weekend. I replied that “Courtney will not be here next weekend.” He then asked, “When do you want to go?” and I said, “How about tomorrow at 7 a.m.?” He called back an hour later to say he would do the flight. After a 7 a.m. departure the next morning, Courtney, who was barely hanging on and in severe pain on the flight, made it to John Hopkins. Several weeks later, she walked out of the hospital. 5. What are ways owner-pilots can get involved and support the program? AeroAngel primarily relies upon donated flights in turbine aircraft to fulfill flight requests. Joining our flight program is simple, and we handle all of the flight logistics, including providing an additional crew member or mission assistant when necessary. Even one donated flight can transform or save a child’s life. Financial support is also needed to operate AeroAngel’s Learjet and expand our ability to provide flights across the country. We also rely on in-kind support and volunteers to provide families a safe option for critical, long-distance transportation. For more information, pilots can visit or contact me at    Send Solutions 32 • TWIN & TURBINE / November 2019 Jet Journal 

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