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   and Grand Bahama experienced direct hits, the remaining islands of the Ba- hamas were not impacted and still as welcoming as ever to visitors. They truly are a gem and easily accessible. In my 11,000-plus flight hours, my small participation in helping with di- sasters and public-benefit flights has been the highlight of my aviation career. If other aviators have the opportunity to do the same, I know it will have the same impact on them.   Luma  With 11,000+ hours of piloting more than 100 aircraf t models Rich Pickett still has a passion for flying. Rich holds an ATP, CFII SME, SES, glider licenses, and type ratings in the L29, L39, Citation 500/510s/525s, Eclipse 500S and DA10. His company, Personal Wings, provides training, mentoring and aircraft services. You can contact Rich at rich@personal-  Aeromania 30 • TWIN & TURBINE / November 2019 Jet Journal 

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