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    tent while I waited to return to Sanford. I could see through the nearby pine forests since most of the branches were gone, and trees were broken. Just before landing at Treasure Cay, I noticed a voicemail from a number I knew to be the U.S. Customs office at Sanford. It usually isn’t a good thing to have a call from Customs. Without cell communications, I used my satel- lite communicator to text my wife and have her call them on my behalf. They needed my overflight permit number for my last flight and the problem was quickly resolved. The U.S. Customs and Immigration officials were amaz- ing and helpful just as they had been in my interactions with them during other disaster missions. Coming Together The aviation community once again generously provided essential trans- portation and hope to those affected by a significant disaster. Whether it is flooding, tornado, fires, or hurricanes, aviators and an untold number of volun- teers continue to help those affected by such disasters. While the Abaco Islands CIES Corporation  Short and Numbers   Ocean Reef Jet Journal November 2019 / TWIN & TURBINE • 29 

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