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Jet Journal   Touchdown Zone by Thomas P. Turner    Three reports from the NTSB: Surveillance video revealed the Cessna Citation 550 touched down about 1,700 feet past the runway threshold of the 5,000-foot-long runway and that the thrust reversers were not deployed during the recorded portion of the landing roll. The airplane’s tires left over 1,300 feet of skid marks before it overran the departure end of the runway. Post-accident testing of the brakes revealed no evidence of any mechanical anomalies. Based on the available evidence, it is likely that the pilot landed the airplane well beyond the runway threshold and did not apply adequate braking effort until insufficient runway remained to stop the airplane on the paved surface. The National Transportation Safety Board determines the probable cause(s) of this accident to be the pilot’s failure to attain the proper touchdown point and to adequately slow the airplane within the available runway, which resulted in a runway overrun.  34 • TWIN & TURBINE / November 2019 Jet Journal  

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