April 2021

Lessons from the Listings

Thank you to the T&T community for the well wishes as Jared and I embark into the world of aircraft ownership. We are almost two months in and still find ourselves visiting the hangar just to be sure an airplane really is in there… While the process is fresh in our minds, I thought it’d Read More

DIY Checklists
Improving safety and efficiency

General aviation checklists are often long and contain unnecessary detail. As pilots flying under FAR Part 91, we have the freedom to create our own checklists, and there are some great advantages to doing this. Pilot-created checklists can be shorter, more relevant and better organized than the POH versions. Most importantly, writing a checklist offers Read More

Teachings from a reader’s close call with a midair collision.

A Twin & Turbine reader recently wrote about a harrowing experience: I was almost involved in a midair a few weeks ago. I fly an MU-2 and was in IMC on an IFR flight plan, being given descent instructions by ATC into my home airport, Hazelton Regional (KHZL) in Pennsylvania. An aircraft came up on Read More

Cabin Upgrades
Tips for maximum comfort and ROI

Let’s say that you’ve already upgraded the avionics in your airplane as far as your needs require and your budget allows. The obvious next steps in the typical upgrade path are the interior and paint. And while many of us would think that a new paint job would add the highest short-term return, that may Read More

The experience that
stick with us.

When I was an 18-year-old high school senior, I read in the classified section of the Seattle Times that a flight school on Boeing Field was offering a “guaranteed to solo” package for $99. At the time, I was making $1.25 per hour pumping gas, checking oil and cleaning windshields in a gas station – Read More

Sliced Bread
Performance Based Navigation

Performance based navigation (PBN) provides for designing and implementing automated flight paths. It will facilitate improved access to airspace and runways, enhanced safety and reduced costs.  Using a machine invented by Otto Rohwedder, a Missouri-based jeweler, the first automatically sliced commercial loaves of bread were produced by the Chillicothe Baking Company on July 6, 1928. Read More

Buyer’s Rejoice
First Month as Aircraft Owners

by Jared Jacobs, Owner-Pilot Aircraft being the high-value, highly complex mechanical assets that they are, I am certain that buyer’s remorse is a real condition owners can potentially find themselves in. While Editor Rebecca Jacobs and I could very well be in the honeymoon phase of ownership, we currently find ourselves in the exact opposite Read More

Trying to Make It Work

“Hey Dad, my friend Curt and I are going fishing south of New Orleans in a couple of weeks.”  “Are you driving?” I asked Matt. “It’s a seven-and-a-half-hour trek from Dallas. How about I fly you in the King Air?” “Wow, that would be fantastic,” came the quick response. I reviewed the forecasts. A low-pressure Read More