On Final

A Companion’s Guide
to Survival

She must have walked by the tiny children’s play table a hundred times, muttering something under her breath. My wife Patty was stressed. Laid out on the table was a color poster of the cockpit of a Citation CJ3. Patty would soon have to land one all by herself in a full-motion simulator, courtesy of Read More


“Jax Center, King Air three niner six delta mike would like to deviate ten right for a buildup,” I asked. “That’s approved, and when able, direct Charleston executive,” came the immediate reply.  Descending through 12,000 feet, in the clear, I noticed a small buildup to my left, only a few hundred feet above me. I Read More

How Much Stress is Enough?

“I will have to shut down the GPU for a few minutes,” yelled the line guy on the Signature ramp. Darkness and heavy mist hung in the early morning at Dallas Love Field (KDAL). “Why?” I responded. “We just detected a lightning strike west of the airport and everything has to shut down,” he replied. Read More

Surviving COVID-19

No, not the disease. I have been lucky there. But our esteemed Twin & Turbine contributor, Rich Pickett, did just that and has eloquently written about his scary ordeal (see this month’s Editor’s Briefing). Welcome back, Rich! All I had to do is survive living cooped up at home for months. It was truly a Read More

First Flight Back

                  ‘Twas the night before May first, when all through the house Not a creature was stirring, Patty and Peaches asleep on the couch Foreflight on the iPad by the chimney with care In preparation for my first flight in six weeks though I dare I sprang Read More