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CJ Perspectives: Hold That Thought

When you can’t land – Teardrop, Direct or Parallel Air Force instrument training was old-school: manual systems, old avionics and an all-in-one HSI/RMI. The entry position at my airline was as a Flight Engineer on the B-727. In those days, new-hire hazing – I mean, training–was administered by old-school flight engineers in an aircraft with Read More


Since the introduction of GPS and WAAS, many innovative, useful devices, systems, and procedures have been developed and certified. And much written about the resulting departures, arrivals and approaches, using the technology. As we become more reliant on GPS, we are less inclined to need memorization and math to fly our machines. Perhaps the E6-B Read More

CJ Perspectives: Reactions Aging and reaction time

“The time elapsing between the beginning of a stimulus and the beginning of an organism’s reaction to it.” That’s the definition of reaction time – if you don’t mind being called an organism, that is. Even if you do mind, it’s still the definition. Our high school driver’s education teacher used “age, experience and wisdom” Read More

Demons – Flight Risk

Air conditioning, humidity control, autopilots and auto-brakes. Airborne internet, coffee makers, drink chillers and butt warmers – they make our airplane feel just like home. These niceties permit our attention to be focused on the safe, efficient and enjoyable operation of the vehicle. But, they also make it easy to overlook the significance of operating Read More

CJ Perspectives: TAWS- Too Low – Goat

CJ Perspectives: TAWS- Too Low – Goat

One of several hilarious, flying-related Far Side cartoons is the classic goat-in-the-clouds. We all hope to never see such a thing in the clouds, or any other solid object for that matter. Most often encountered during arrival and approach, CFIT–Controlled Flight Into Terrain, is a serious subject. Pilots can avoid CFIT and goats by installing Read More