Magic<br>The experience that<br>stick with us.

The experience that
stick with us.

When I was an 18-year-old high school senior, I read in the classified section of the Seattle Times that a flight school on Boeing Field was offering a “guaranteed to solo” package for $99. At the time, I was making $1.25 per hour pumping gas, checking oil and cleaning windshields in a gas station – Read More

Cabin Upgrades
Tips for maximum comfort and ROI

Let’s say that you’ve already upgraded the avionics in your airplane as far as your needs require and your budget allows. The obvious next steps in the typical upgrade path are the interior and paint. And while many of us would think that a new paint job would add the highest short-term return, that may Read More

DIY Checklists<br>Improving safety and efficiency

DIY Checklists
Improving safety and efficiency

General aviation checklists are often long and contain unnecessary detail. As pilots flying under FAR Part 91, we have the freedom to create our own checklists, and there are some great advantages to doing this. Pilot-created checklists can be shorter, more relevant and better organized than the POH versions. Most importantly, writing a checklist offers Read More

Record-Breaking Flights

The fastest time to fly from one airport to another. The top payload carried in a type of aircraft. The shortest duration to reach an altitude.  These are just a few examples of the thousands of recognized flying-related records out there. In terms of “powered aircraft,” current records date back to the infancy of flight. Read More