Great Getaways: Ox Hunting Ranch • Uvalde, Texas

Great Getaways: Ox Hunting Ranch • Uvalde, Texas

Great Getaways: Ox Hunting Ranch • Uvalde, Texas

Ox Hunting Ranch in Uvalde, Texas sits atop 18,000 acres of Texas Hill Country and is regarded by many as one of the best hunting ranches in the world. Though primarily a mecca for hunting, the ranch also offers dozens of activities for the whole family along with luxurious, rustic-themed accommodations.

Activities and Amenities

Ox Ranch is the “premier luxury hunting and guest ranch in Texas” according to Kathy Rice, office manger at the ranch. Hundreds of guests who have hunted big game in Africa still visit Ox Ranch for an unforgettable experience. The variety of game is diverse, with more than 60 species represented including deer (and exotic deer), antelope, sheep, goat, buffalo, hogs and bird species. The diversity of animal life and beauty of the ranch has attracted the attention of several prominent hunting shows such as Ted Nugent’s “Spirit of the Wild,” “Razor Dobbs Alive” and “L.L. Bean Guide to the Outdoors.” 

Hunting celebrity Razor Dobbs sings praises of the ranch. “I like to be free, and that’s the feeling that I get when I hunt at the Ox Ranch. It’s just a wonderful place for the hunter and the photographer. It’s the closest thing to Africa I have seen. It’s freedom.”

Conservation is a primary focus of Ox Ranch, and their efforts ensure that their populations are cared for and sustainable, ensuring a good stock for hunters and viewers alike. In addition to the 60 hunting species, there are an additional 20 species that live on the acreage available for viewing only. To better enjoy all the animals, the ranch offers “Photo Safaris” where guests partake in guided drives and take pictures of the animals – a perk included with all reservations at their accommodations.

The sleeping arrangements include 1800s-era antique cabins relocated from Kentucky and subsequently rebuilt, log by log, to preserve its history but with added modern day amenities. In addition to the lakefront location, rustic interiors and wood burning fireplaces, guests can enjoy an up-close view of meandering wildlife. 

The ranch has a large lodge, with a capacity of 250 indoors and even more space outdoors, which is a great place to relax and have fun after a long day. Guests can find 2,300 square feet of porches, massive stone fireplaces, a fully stocked bar, a game loft and a dance floor with DJ equipment. Additionally, construction is in progress for a 12,000-square foot pavilion perfect for weddings and other large outdoor functions. Ox Ranch also provides a farm-to-table food experience, with Ox Ranch Executive Chef Eric who specializes in French cuisine, exotic game and old-fashioned country cooking. 

Aside from hunting, there are several other activities guests commonly rave about such as hand-feeding giraffes, arrowhead hunting, shooting a .50 caliber rifle, sunset yoga near a waterfall, archery, cave spelunking and hiking along natural trails – with rare highlights like dinosaur tracks and the tallest peaks in the county. 

Perhaps one of the most unique activities is driving and shooting an authentic World War II tank. The experience, operated by, is second to none and the company maintains multiple hangars filled with tanks, artillery, anti-tank guns, mortars, flamethrowers and machine guns viewable by the public. The drivable tank collection includes American models from World War II, German and Russian tanks, as well as a couple more modern models. Ox Ranch guests can opt for a “Drive the Tank Course” for the armored vehicles listed on the website.

Flying into Ox Ranch

For pilots arriving to Ox Ranch, there is a private-use airstrip (01TX) on-site and available for all guests to use. It’s a 5,800-foot by 70-foot asphalt runway with no instrument approaches surrounded by a high fence (to prevent free-roaming animals from entering). Note, there are no hangars located at the airstrip and parking is at the end of the runway.

For those in need of an instrument approach or FBO services, there are two alternate airports (KUVA and KECU) about 30 nautical miles outside Ox Ranch’s airstrip. Whether you fly into the ranch’s private airstrip, a nearby airport or even drive, one thing is sure – all who visit will leave with unforgettable memories. 

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