En Route: Garmin Introduces VIRB Ultra 30 Aviation In-cockpit Bundle

En Route: Garmin Introduces VIRB Ultra 30 Aviation In-cockpit Bundle

Want to capture and share all the action from your next flight? Garmin has added to the VIRB Ultra 30 action camera family, offering several new accessories tailored to capturing rich, high definition footage in-flight. VIRB Ultra 30 is a waterproof action camera with the power to shoot stunning Ultra HD footage at 4K/30fps. The VIRB Ultra 30 contains a suite of new features, including voice control, an intuitive LCD color touchscreen, and one-touch live streaming.

The VIRB Ultra 30 aviation in-cockpit bundle includes a stereo headset audio cable, so pilot-to-pilot communications and air traffic control transmissions may be embedded within the video. A prop filter is also provided to eliminate propeller distortion created while filming video in-flight or capturing high-quality still photos. The VIRB Ultra 30 aviation in-cockpit bundle also includes a cage mount, which is the smallest and lightest way to mount VIRB Ultra inside the cockpit.

With G-Metrix, VIRB Ultra utilizes internal sensors such as the high-sensitivity GPS, accelerometer and gyroscope to capture even more performance data. For example, pilots can review in-flight footage to see how many G’s were recorded during a flight maneuver and overlay the data overtop the video. In addition to G-Metrix data, VIRB Ultra is Connext-capable so aviation-specific data such as aircraft pitch, roll, lateral acceleration, turn rate and more can also be received from the G3X Touch flight display or Flight Stream 110/210/510 and overlaid within the video.

It is also compatible with the D2 Bravo, D2 Bravo Titanium, Garmin Pilot and the Aera 660 aviation portable. VIRB Ultra also features the ability to connect to the GMA 350c and GMA 245 series audio panels via Bluetooth, which can embed audio overtop high-definition video without the need for a headset cable.

The VIRB Ultra 30 also features voice control so users can speak several straightforward commands to the camera – even when utilizing the headset audio cable in the cockpit. Commands such as “OK Garmin, start recording,” or “Ok Garmin, remember that,” tag specific moments within the video so recordings can be effortlessly reviewed afterwards.

Once video is recorded, users can use the free VIRB Mobile app, which can live-stream video footage via YouTube and allow pilots to view, edit and share videos that automatically highlight the best moments in-flight. VIRB Edit desktop software is an easy-to-use editing program that allows customers to auto-create videos, add music, trim video clips and incorporate transitions to perfect in-flight video.

The VIRB Ultra 30 aviation in-cockpit bundle now available for $499.99. For more information, visit: www.garmin.com/aviation.

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