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En Route

Ice Shield Introduces New Wing Boot Application 

Ice Shield De-Icing Systems recently announced the launch of Ice Shield PSA, a Pressure Sensitive Adhesive (PSA) installation application that will reduce installation labor and allow minimal aircraft downtime when replacing wing de-ice boots. 

Ice Shield’s PSA product line is said to provide a faster, neater and easier installation compared to the traditional contact cement installation. Ice Shield PSA boots can be inflated just two hours following installation. PSA parts are offered for most of the company’s catalog of certified Ice Shield wing boots, allowing customers to have a choice of either the PSA application or traditional contact adhesive application.  

“We are thrilled to announce the new Ice Shield PSA product line and showcase the quality and reliability of our new parts,” said Peter Murdza, director of sales and marketing at Ice Shield. “All Ice Shield PSA parts are guaranteed to be delivered within 72-hours or less.” 

To learn more, visit www.iceshield.com/PSA.  


AeroSearcher: A New Way to Search for Aviation Products

Startup company AeroSearcher recently announced the launch of its aviation-specific search engine which enables an internet search of three primary types: aircraft for sale, aviation jobs and aviation parts and products. The company expects this tool to be
useful among aviation enthusiasts and professionals alike.

“Prior to the launch of AeroSearcher, individuals looking for a plane, an aviation job or a particular product needed to visit five, six, maybe even ten different websites to view the majority of available options,” said Todd Hogan, one of the co-founders of AeroSearcher. “Now, the aviation searcher can find what they’re looking for in seconds.”

AeroSearcher explained that they do not store listings on their actual site, but by the use of filters and keywords, direct users to various aviation websites and listings. The search engine indexes more than 20,000 aircraft, 30,000 aviation jobs, and 50,000 aviation parts and products. To give it a try, visit www.aerosearcher.com. 

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