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Only at Oshkosh

It was the afternoon of Monday, July 25, 2016, and the first day of the AirVenture Oshkosh air show. Having just arrived, my husband and I hustled our way closer to flight line to watch a massive red-and-white Martin JRM Mars water bomber line up for a low pass. As the last one of its Read More

EAA AirVenture 2017

Preview of the world's greatest air show "Wow, you're a pilot? Aren't you afraid of those little planes? Is it expensive?" For one week, every year, there is magical place where questions like these stop at the gate. Because for that one week, every year, the world’s greatest collection of aircraft and aviation enthusiasts come Read More

EAA’s Jack Pelton Talks AirVenture 2017

Event chairman shares changes and special events we can expect at this year’s show, as well as planes he can’t wait to see on the grounds. With the final countdown underway to AirVenture 2017, EAA staff are working double-time to ensure the grounds, programming and exhibits are ready for the greatest air show on earth. Read More

CAF Red Tail Squadron is Back in the Air

One of the guiding principles of the CAF Red Tail Squadron honoring the Tuskegee Airmen is “never quit.” After the organization’s centerpiece aircraft, a P-51C Mustang with its distinctive red tail, was involved in a landing mishap in February 2016, it became the rallying cry for the nearly year-long rebuilding and restoration process. Two hundred, Read More

B-29 Superfortress Doc Receives a Hero’s Welcome

Less than a year after its first flight, the recently restored B-29 Superfortress named “Doc” made its much-anticipated public debut at the Defenders of Liberty Air Show in Barksdale, Louisiana May 5 through 7. This was the first stop on its tour, with at least four more expected in 2017 (EAA AirVenture included). The warbird’s Read More

Ready for OSH: The Third Degree

Precise speed control matters in achieving predictable touchdown point. No time is that more crucial than when landing at the at the world’s busiest GA airport in late July. AirVenture is the “Holy Grail” pilgrimage nearly all pilots dream about. The controllers are beyond incredible as they safely manage thousands of operations, but they sometimes Read More

Five on the Fly

WHO: Matt Younkin WHERE: Siloam Springs, Arkansas QUALIFICATIONS: Air Show Performer, 20-30 Shows / Year, Proficient in More Than 80 Types of Aircraft, 5,000 Hours 1. What led to your career in aerobatics? I’m a third-generation pilot and my dad was a renowned air show performer – flying in shows for more than 20 years. And though I’ve been Read More

AirVenture 2017 Air Show Performance Schedule

AirVenture’s daily air shows feature a wide variety of precision aerobatics, the latest innovations, rare and unique flying examples, and history coming alive. As of press time, the following acts had been confirmed for this year’s AirVenture. This does not include all of the acts, and the daily schedule is subject to change any time. Check Read More

Look Up, Look Down… Look Out!

A basic guide to the most valuable navigation device you probably rarely use. If you are experienced using your airplane’s on-board radar, and you turn it on during most of your flights, then congratulations! You are a rare breed! However, if you are like most pilots, you probably don’t use your radar often and feel Read More

A Loaf of Bread, a Jug of Wine, and the FAA

It’s your birthday, and to celebrate you meet some friends for dinner at your favorite restaurant. You enjoy a great steak, some wine, and after an enjoyable evening you get in your car for the short drive home. Halfway home you see flashing police lights in your rearview mirror, and you pull over. The officer Read More


Staying in the books to stay current. Some of us don’t like to read directions. Even for challenging tasks like assembling furniture, a suite of home electronics or the boring sections of an airplane manual. The “us” being mostly us guys. We like to think that we are MacGyver; able to use innovation, ingenuity and Read More

NBAA Focus: Safer Flying for Single Pilots: Exploring New Methods to Address Training Concerns

An expanded version of following article appeared as a Digital Exclusive in the May/June 2017 issue of NBAA's Member publication, Business Aviation Insider. To read the complete article and more, download the BAI app at Business aviation accidents are rare, but everyone agrees that one accident is too many. Accidents involving business aircraft flown Read More

NBAA Focus: Four GA Airports Recognized for Exemplary Winter Storm Responses

Snow and ice have major impacts on airport operations, requiring skill, preparation and perseverance to keep airfields open and operating safely. Four U.S. airports with a significant business aviation presence were recently honored with the 2017 Balchen/Post Awards for their handling of winter-related challenges. Laurence G. Hanscom Field Airport (BED) in Bedford, MA won top Read More

NBAA Focus: UNLV Rescinds Request for Review of Sport Complex Site Near LAS

Recently, business aviation stakeholders operating around Las Vegas, NV weighed in on the FAA’s obstruction analysis of a proposed University of Nevada Las Vegas (UNLV) stadium less than a mile from McCarran International Airport (LAS), and its potential effects on aviation operations over the city. Following this community feedback, UNLV rescinded its request to have Read More

NBAA Focus: NBAA Small Business Committee Offers Tips for Flight Department Mission Statements

A new resource from NBAA's Small Flight Department Subcommittee, “Managing the Business of a Flight Department: Crafting an Effective Mission Statement,” provides advice on how to develop a strong mission statement that offers internal and external parties the opportunity to consider why the operation exists, what it does on a day-to-day basis, and its value as Read More

On Final: The Envelope Please

My documented search for the next airplane has generated more reader feedback that I imagined possible. Perhaps I shouldn’t be surprised that pilots are opinionated. Boy, we love our airplanes! I heard from lots of MU2, Commander, and Conquest owners. From Eclipse lovers. From King Air pilots. From Citation 501 folks. Even a Piaggio and Read More