Advertiser Spotlight: Raisbeck

Advertiser Spotlight: Raisbeck

Advertiser Spotlight: Raisbeck

“How Raisbeck EPIC Performance Packages are augmented by Swept-Blade Propellers”

Everyone seems to be talking propellers these days, including us.  The new 5-way Hartzell Composite prop for the PC-12 and the TBM 900 are good examples of this.   The 900’s new airplane performance is inherently tied to the new Swept-Blade Propeller, if for no other reason than it stands out and dominates the pictures of the airplane.   The max-cruise performance at 28,000 feet increased an honest 15 knots!   Obviously the new propeller, you say.   But look deeper – most of that increase has come from a redesign of the engine inlet, which both increased the Ram Air Recovery, and decreased its external drag.

“Propellers don’t really stand alone, but provide a wonderful platform to build on Performance”

Swept-Blade PropellersSo what’s our point here?   Properly designed propellers by themselves don’t have much room for improvement at high-altitude cruise – they all come out at about the same place.   That’s also true, in our case, for Raisbeck EPIC Performance packages for the King Air C90s and 200s which include our Swept-Blade 96” Turbofan Propellers. For example,  the B200 GT with these propellers alone shows little if any increase in Max Cruise Speed at 28,000 feet; but combine it with the other elements of our EPIC Performance Package and BINGO – an 11 knot increase to an amazing 318 knots (without winglets)!  On that model, the increase in performance is largely due to the Dual Aft Body Strakes, Enhanced Performance Leading Edges, and of course the Ram Air Recovery System.  True, the airplane is much quieter in cruise, due to the Swept Blades and the reduced cruise RPM as low as 1600; but the meat of the speed increase is in these largely unseen contributors.

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