September 2020


“Jax Center, King Air three niner six delta mike would like to deviate ten right for a buildup,” I asked. “That’s approved, and when able, direct Charleston executive,” came the immediate reply.  Descending through 12,000 feet, in the clear, I noticed a small buildup to my left, only a few hundred feet above me. I Read More

En Route

Introducing the Beechcraft King Air 360 Textron Aviation ushered in the next generation of its legendary King Air turboprop family with the Beechcraft King Air 360/360ER. The updated flagship turboprop offers the latest technological advancements in the cockpit, a redesigned cabin, and enhancements to passenger comfort. The aircraft is currently in production with customer deliveries expected Read More


(stow-e-key-oh-metric)Airplane engine chemistry, carbon monoxide detectors and butter pecan ice cream. If you understand the relevance of the above compounds, chemicals, emulsions and reactions as they relate to flying fossil fuel-powered planes, then just go purchase a sensitive CO detector, put it in your airplane and move on to the next prodigious T &T article. Read More

To Trade or Not to Trade

To Trade or Not to Trade

For the past 20 years, I have owned the same airplane: a 1979 RTSOL RAM VII Cessna 340A. From time to time, there is a maintenance event, artful advertising from a manufacturer or colorful photos in one of the aircraft sales magazines that makes me wonder, “Maybe I should change to a different airplane.” This Read More