May 2020

First Solo–Again

“November seven three zero Juliet Alpha, will you need a runup at the end?”  I was ready for the question from Love ground control (KDAL) but anxious about the flight. It wasn’t the weather. But after 14 years of exclusively flying jets, this would be my first solo flight in a King Air. “Negative, zero Read More

The Virus

The Virus

A seemingly simple Lear 31 trip turned into a journey fraught with frustration, inconveniences and unexpected risks. We were to pick up two of our regular passengers, one of them a teenager, the other his mother in her 40s. They were going to Palm Desert for three to four days to get some sun and Read More

Citation Training at  LOFT

Citation Training at LOFT

I recently added an FAA Part 135 Citation 525-series Captain position with Jet Methods (based at Palomar, California) to my aviation experiences. The process required an interesting combination of ground, online and flight training. Each charter certificate holder has a set of FAA-approved operating specifications known as “OpSpecs.” They detail everything from dispatching the airplane, maintenance, Read More