June 2016

To Drone, Or Not To Drone…

There is probably no more contentious subject kicking around aviation gatherings than the topic of small unmanned aerial vehicles, a.k.a. “drones”. Love ‘em or hate ‘em, they are out there, and with energetic Chinese mass-producers capable of churning them out by the hundreds of thousands, they aren’t going to go away. How users and regulators Read More

The Long Haul – The North Atlantic  and the PC-12NG

The Long Haul – The North Atlantic and the PC-12NG

Pilatus N47NG, Goose Bay. Ready to copy your oceanic clearance?” Even in today’s technological world, aviation continues to evoke many virtues of the past: Exploration, adventure, forging new roads (or, in our case, “holes in the sky”) and a myriad of other feelings, memories, sights, and sounds. One such privilege of flight wraps all of Read More

Drones: A Cautionary Tale

Drones: A Cautionary Tale

As I write this, yet another near-miss has occurred, this time in the U.K., where a small drone came within 20 feet of an Airbus 319 on approach at Heathrow. Encroachment of these aerial missiles into controlled airspace is becoming an everyday event, affecting FAR 91, 121, and 135 operations. It’s only a matter of Read More

Drones: An Opportunity For Aviation

Drones: An Opportunity For Aviation

Let’s get this out right up front. I am a pilot and I own a drone. With all the talk about drones mixing with aircraft, I thought it might be good to start this article by clarifying what a “drone” is. When I’m talking about drones, I am talking about sUAV or small Unmanned Aerial Read More

Twin Proficiency: You’re Cleared…but Are You Clear?

I recently saw a near-collision on a runway, between a business jet and a corporate turboprop. I was in the right seat of a Beechcraft Bonanza A36, instructing a pilot I’d first taught 25 years ago. To our right, on the ramp, the pilot of a Piaggio P180 Avanti was starting up. We taxied to the Read More