July 2016

Editor’s Briefing: To Keep A Fire Going

One of the tasks integral to being an outdoors person is fire-building. In my youth, I learned to carry matches, and even tinder material, if I was going to spend extended periods in the great out of doors. And yet, getting a fire started was often easy; I found that keeping it going could be Read More

Microjet Fun – Flying the SubSonex, With a Bonus!

Microjet Fun – Flying the SubSonex, With a Bonus!

The altimeter reads 9,500 MSL, but I’m only 3,000 feet or so above New Mexico’s high-desert terrain. If I crane my head over my shoulders, I can see the tips of my aircraft’s ruddervators. Yet, I’m still required to do clearing turns before beginning my maneuvers, so I do. I’m about halfway through my Permanent Read More

NBAA Focus: NBAA Joins with Other Groups to Support Federal Oversight of UAS

NBAA recently joined with several aviation groups in signing a letter opposing two proposals that would eliminate federal oversight for the regulation of unmanned aircraft systems (UAS), and their integration into the National Airspace System. The proposals were offered as amendments (#3558 and #3650) to H.R.636, the Senate bill reauthorizing FAA programs and funding, and Read More

NBAA Focus: Continuing Vigilance Required on FAA Reauthorization

The recent passage of U.S. Senate legislation to reauthorize funding and programs for the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), without language to privatize the nation’s air traffic control (ATC) system and fund it with new user fees, is a positive development for the business aviation community. However, we must remain vigilant on the ongoing debate over Read More

NBAA Focus: NBAA Continues Fighting Back Against Efforts to Close SMO

City officials in Santa Monica, CA remain determined in their efforts to shutter Santa Monica Municipal Airport (SMO), with that battle recently claiming a large flight school at the historic airfield. Although SMO is owned and operated by the city and has federal obligations to allow aeronautical activities at the airport on reasonable terms, officials Read More