January 2021

What Good Looks Like

Several years ago, the Citation Jet Pilots Association’s safety committee came up with the idea to produce a series of videos depicting challenges that pilots face in the cockpit. Things like engine failures on takeoff in mountainous terrain, circling approaches and landing on contaminated runways. We mused that if we could show less than admirable Read More

Confessions of a<br>G1000 Driver

Confessions of a
G1000 Driver

by Alex Jones, Owner-Pilot I bought my G58 Baron in January 2015 as an upgrade from the A36 Bonanza I had been flying for four years. The concurrent moves – Bonanza to Baron and modular to G1000 avionics – both offered improved utility with some additional challenges.  The Baron has allowed me to travel safely Read More

Shirt Tails<br>Remembering Our First Solo Flight(s)

Shirt Tails
Remembering Our First Solo Flight(s)

Learn with your brain; Remember with your heart. Our pilot ranks have shrunk over the last four decades and the aviation alphabet groups (EAA, AOPA, GAMA, NBAA, etc.) have made a concerted effort to get more younglings interested in flying – and I’m all for it. How could we not assist in exposing future generations Read More

Currency, Competence and Confidence

Currency, Competence and Confidence

In my area of the country at least (Pacific Northwest), the COVID pandemic has resulted in a serious reduction in the amount of business and personal flying being conducted. This has been particularly noticeable to pilots like me who fly professionally on a fill-in or contract basis. Even the full-time guys are just barely getting Read More

Prop to Prop<br>Comparing the Cirrus SR22T and Piper Meridian

Prop to Prop
Comparing the Cirrus SR22T and Piper Meridian

Photo Courtesy of Clint Goff Let’s say you need a cross-country machine that will carry you, three others and bags to the destination with style, safety and speed. You’ve been flying for a while now, have a pilot’s license and instrument rating, filled your first logbook, started the second, and are ready to move up. Read More