December 2019

Banyan Air Service: 30 Safety Reminders

To keep safety at the forefront of our teammates’ minds, we developed a “Safety message of the day” campaign. Our line service training manager wrote 30 one-sentence, daily email messages that are automatically generated and sent to line service, CSRs, and department managers. These 30 messages re-run each month, and managers discuss the messages daily in departmental Read More

Irrational Behavior

I believe I am stricken with a virus known in medical circles as “irrationalis behaviorus.” It is characterized by expressions of emotions such as crying hysterically and maintaining unrealistic expectations. The most severe cases of the virus are found in aircraft owners.  Or, in my case, former aircraft owners. You may recall that I sold my Read More

En Route: SRS Introduces Onboard Coffee Brewer

During NBAA in October, SRS Aviation displayed its new onboard coffee maker, Jet Java. The product was recently TSO-certified for all fixed-wing aircraft and is approved for either a cabin or galley install.  “This is a new product to the market and new technology,” said Dave Laurin, president of SRS Aviation. “We’re the only TSO Read More

En Route: New Online Garmin GTN 650/750 Course

King Schools has released a new interactive online course dedicated to “Flying the Garmin GTN 650/750.” The course is meant for pilots who are new to the GTN navigators or in need of a refresher. The course features both VFR and IFR teachings, with more than six hours of video that can be taken either Read More