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  Time...Time...Time; Is (not) on your side. No, it’s not. – Mick Jagger Next September marks 30 years since I last flew the F-16 – and I thought it was the horse ride and thin air that made me feel older. That day, on my 34th birthday, I remember wondering if I had squeezed every bit of training and fun out of my flights. Surely, I could have worked harder, smarter or put more effort into some of them. If only I could have had a few more flights to be sure. I felt the same emotions when asked by CNN about how I felt about delivering an MD-80 to Roswell. Why didn’t I stop to smell the Mad Dog roses more often, or certainly a few more times before I took one of them to the recycling graveyard. Flying airplanes for 58 years, and after four engine failures and a plethora of system problems, you gain a perspective on the metaphysical magic of the machine. As you evaluate and monitor your own flying ability and proficiency, remember that there is a balance between our overachiever obsessions with accuracy and efficiency and the emotional gratification of the art. Don’t let time slip you by. Slow down and smell the avgas or Jet-A. And even though it won’t respond like Mr. Ed, after your next flight when no one is looking, let a little California Dreamin’ into your heart and give the airplane a kiss on the nose. You will be glad you did when all your leaves are brown.   Kevin Dingman has been flying for more than 40 years. He’s an ATP typed in the B737 and DC9 with 23,000 hours in his logbook. A retired Air Force major, he flew the F-16 and later performed as an USAF Civil Air Patrol Liaison Officer. He flies volunteer missions for the Christian organiz tion Wings of Mercy, is employed by a major airline, and owns and operates a Beechcraft Duke.Contact Kevin at dinger10d@       ONLINE! View the entire magazine on the site! Viewable on   New House Web any device! • Current Issue • Issue Archive (2015) • Purchase Back Issues • Page Turn Version • Comment on Articles • Advertiser Spotlight • Advertiser Links • Feature your plane • Special Jet Journal Section • Contact Us  44 • TWIN & TURBINE / NOocvtoebmebre2r0210919 

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