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  your flight plan back to the USA the way you normally do unless you are departing MYNN, MYGF or MYAM where you will have to file your flight plan locally on paper. If you depart from one of the non-towered airports, you will have to climb above 6,000’ MSL into Miami Center’s airspace to get your IFR clearance. Never enter the USA ADIZ prior to activating your flight plan and squawking your discrete transponder code. Before departing your Bahamas AOE, you must surrender the C7/C7A that you were issued upon arrival, present an OUTWARD C7 GENDEC and return your immigration forms. You will pay $29 per person (including crew,) and if you were issued a C7 upon ar- rival, you will pay another $75 USD. Upon landing at the Designated Airport in the USA, taxi straight to the CBP station and follow the instructions given by CBP officers or on posted signs. If you need more information or services for flying to the Bahamas, or assistance in obtaining a BOE, you can contact Caribbean Sky Tours at (786) 206-6147 or visit     Turbines From Nassau, Rick Gardner is a Bahamas Flying Ambas- sador and is on the Bahamas Civil Aviation Council. He is also the AOPA representative for the Bahamas. You can contact Rick at November 2019 / TWIN & TURBINE • 23 

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