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   Artisan Glass Decanter ($120.00) This gorgeous mouth-blown decanter is a wor- thy tribute to the aircraft it represents. The oak base is handcrafted by Kentucky artisans, while a hand-blown P-51 fighter “floats” in the liquid. Every detail of this artisanal decanter is top-notch, making it a welcome gift or nice addition to your home or office. A personalized brass plate is also available for the base. For more information, visit Rustico Leather Logbook ($62.00) Track each flight with this attrac- tive and durable Pilot Log, handmade from top-grain leather by skilled artisans. Available in nine colors, this product includes either a Standard (ASA-SP-30) or Master (ASA-SP-6) Pilot Log. Personalization is also an option and laser engraved on the front. For more information, visit Runway Three-Six Apparel & Gear ($20-55) Runway Three-Six provides avia- tion-centric clothing and gear for men, women and children. Run by aviation professionals, the company’s goal is to advance the image of the industry by producing sophisticated and fun aviation apparel. For more informa- tion, visit          Covington   16 • TWIN & TURBINE / November 2019 

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