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  Jet Shades ($429+) Jet Shades are the only anti-glare, anti-heat, removable window panels that entirely fill the cockpit side windows. Jet Shades reduce heat, reduce instrument glare (lessening eye strain), and protect pilots from harmful UV rays. The com- pany offers solutions for many popular owner-flown piston, turboprop and jet products. For more information, visit Abingdon Co. Watches ($375-595) Designed by aviation and dive professionals, Abingdon Co. produces quality watches for women involved in adventurous activities like flying, scuba diving, base jumping, motocross and race car driving and shooting. CEO and pilot Abingdon Mullin set out to create classic women’s watches built with the tactical tools professionals need. For more information, visit         Serengeti Eyewear ($229.99) Pop’s Leather Flight Jackets ($365+) Since 1960, Pop’s Leather has earned a worldwide reputation for exceptional quality leather products at affordable prices. The company is a popular choice (and sometimes exclusive vendor) for military and airline pilots looking for customizable flight jackets. Pop’s Leather jackets are also well-suited for corpo- rate flight departments and general aviation pilots. For more information, visit    Sleek and functional, Serengeti sunglasses are a stylish and practical choice in aviator eyewear. Serengeti equips all of its premium sunglasses with specialized technologies like Spectral Control and photochromatic properties that allow the lens to adjust to varying light conditions. The lens excel under challenging driving or flying conditions, filtering light to clarify and sharpen vision and increasing detail, depth perception and color definition. All Serengeti sunglasses provide UV protection. For more information, visit Avery Sound Custom Earpiece ($158) For pilots utilizing in-ear headsets (i.e., Clarity Aloft, Bose ProFlight), here is a solution for added comfort – customized earbuds. Pilot earpieces are available in Satin Soft or Acrylic material and can be ordered in a variety of colors. Simply complete the at-home impression kit and mail the completed impression to the Avery Sound lab using the provided mailing materials. For more information, visit       November 2019 / TWIN & TURBINE • 15  

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