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         by Rebecca Groom Jacobs     MotoArt Aviation Furniture Own a piece of aviation history with a customized piece from MotoArt, based in Torrance, California. MotoArt recycles old aircraft parts (i.e., vintage aircraft, bombers, airliners), turning them into functional art and aviation décor and furniture. The company offers dozens of designs including cowl- ing desks, airplane conference tables, engine coffee tables, galley bars and even beds. Interested buyers must call or email for pricing. For more information, visit     Best Tugs ($2,995+) Since its launch in 2015, Best Tugs has rapidly expanded and now offers five product lines: Alpha, Bravo, Echo, Romeo and Heli. Within each product line, buyers can select from a wide range of sizes and types, including dragger-style, walk-behind, ride-on or remote-controlled. The dragger-style Alpha series starts at $2,995 while Bravo and Romeo start at $5,800. For more information, visit   12 • TWIN & TURBINE / November 2019 

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