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   PHOTO COURTESY OF BRETT SCHAUF, VMG Top Turboprop Series: Pre-Owned Pilatus PC-12 and King Air 350 by Joe Casey PHOTOS COURTESY OF MACH POINT ONE AVIATION Ican hear my Papaw speaking from the grave, “I wouldn’t touch that with a 10- foot pole! Are you crazy?!” I’m going to stir the pot with this article as it seems to me there is only one type of turboprop pilot with as much passion for their steed as a King Air 350 pilot – and that is a PC- 12 pilot. Owners are justifiably passionate about their favorite airplane because both are singularly outstanding. But which one should a prospective buyer purchase? Those who frequently read my writing know I am a big fan of the King Air 350. They are fast, super comfortable, carry a load and hold value well. But, there is a true competitor to the King Air 350 in the PC-12. Most PC-12 owners would argue the PC-12 is the frontrunner if competition between the two airplanes existed. And, in all honesty, competition does exist in the marketplace every time a buyer wants an airplane to move six to 10 people, plus bags, in comfort, over a long distance. One or both of these airplanes will likely be on the shortlist, and my goal is to highlight some of the considerations when contrasting these aircraft. November 2019 / TWIN & TURBINE • 9 

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