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  whether it was to prepare us or to show everyone that it’s doable, she wanted us to go.”
It wasn’t easy. “The first few nights, the guys took off on us, so we ate our dinner out of the vending machine at the airport. But it backfired on them because we had nothing to do but chair-fly our bombing pattern, so we ended up ranked No. 1 and No. 2.”
Unhappy that they stood at the top of the leaderboard, the men in charge took away their bullets and bombs. Tammie Jo called Rosemary telling her, “I know you paid for bombs, and we’re flying the bombing pattern without bombs or bullets because they weren’t happy that we scored at the top of the board.” Rosemary was able to get the bombs reinstated but not their bullets.
That was the 1980s and Tammie Jo is quick to point out much has changed. “Whether it’s engineering, being a me- chanic or flying, the doors are open now like they have never been open in history – both in civilian as well as military worlds. If you want to do it, there’s no reason not to."
Then with a twinkle in her eye and a smile, she added, “Flying isn’t a gender thing – after all, it is just piloting.”
  Dianne White is the executive director of MMOPA and editor of MMOPA Magazine. For a total of 14 years, she was editor of Twin & Turbine and has worked in the business aviation industry for nearly 30 years. She also serves on the board of directors for Angel Flight Central. An active multi-engine, instrument-rated pilot, Dianne lives in the Kansas City area and can be reached at
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