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  Single-point refueling access.
particular airspeed just below Mmo. We were doing slightly better than the performance charts. At FL410, burning 1080 PPH, our true airspeed was 420 knots/0.735M.
I’ve flown and taught a wide variety of avionics, and the Honeywell EPIC may not be the easiest to learn, but once you have mastered it, you realize the capabilities of the robust system. The Honeywell SmartView Synthetic Vision System (standard) is one of the best I’ve seen with a very intuitive set of flight path markers. The PC- 24 ACE cockpit also features AHRS and one Inertial Reference System as standard, which is a unique offer- ing in this class of aircraft. Addition- ally, this PC-24 was equipped with a number of avionics options including ADS-B In as well as TCAS-II, Pila- tus’ Wireless Connected Flight Deck, and others.
After a very smooth flight, eval- uating all of the systems in a very comfortable cockpit, it was time to
descend. With the autothrottles and FMS automation, it was easy for us to prepare for landing. Our approach speeds were set, with Vapp at 105 KIAS and Vref at 95 KIAS. The dual-wheel trailing link gear design makes for very smooth landings.
The Pilatus PC-24 is a great aircraft, capable of f lying the widest variety of missions of any business jet to an array of landing spots with comfort and speed. The airplane can cruise up to 440 KTAS and land at less than 100 KTAS. The PC-24 comes standard with a 7-year/5,000-hour airframe warranty, two years on the avionics, and five years/2,000 hours on the en- gines. Pilatus offers a broad selection of options, from avionics to interi- ors, to fit virtually any transportation need. If you ordered a PC-24 now, the base price is $10.7 million with typical aircraft priced around $11.2 million.
  With 11,000+ hours of piloting more than 100 aircraft model Rich Pickett still has a passion for flying. Rich holds an ATP, CFII SME, SES, glider licenses, and type rat- ings in the L29, L39, Citation 500/510s/525s, Eclipse 500S and DA10. His company, Personal Wings, provides training, mentoring and aircraft services. He is also a proud owner of an Eclipse and Cirrus SR22. You can contact Rich at rich@per-
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