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  multiple components and eventually caused both the turbo and the engine to fail. His was yet another engine failure example that didn’t create a data point because he landed on-airport with no damage.
Suck Squeeze Bang Blow
(Turbine folks should rejoin us here).
Comparatively speaking, turbine motors are moving- parts-limited and have few failure modes. As long as none of the processes in the paragraph title – intake, compres- sion, ignition/expansion and exhaust – are interrupted, turbines will serve us well. Just use good clean fuel, good clean oil, mind the limitations, don’t suck in anything but air, and it will run (almost) forever. The most frequent cause of jet engine failure is the ingestion of objects. This can cause both damage and rotor imbalance. On the ground is the most likely place this happens but birds,
Never wait for trouble. – Chuck yeager
My on-airport landing after an engine failure occurred in poor weather conditions.
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