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  them perfect for high-cycle operations such as skydiving, crop dusters, short-haul operators and helicopters. Coupled with the high-cycle lifespan is a rapid charge capability, with the ability to fully recharge in as little as 15 minutes. And when it comes time for a replacement, the solid cases are aluminum and easily recycled.
Price-wise, lithium-based batteries are more expensive than conventional alternatives. But when factoring full life-cycle costs and performance, they can be an attrac- tive option for operators. The TB17 and TB44 have retail prices of $6,280 and $16,575, respectively. The new Gen5 series prices are $9,035 for the TB20, $13,435 for the TB30 and $17,835 for the TB40. More information can be found at
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  With 11,000+ hours of piloting more than 100 aircraf t models Rich Pickett still has a passion for flying. Rich holds an ATP, CFII SME, SES, glider licenses, and type ratings in the L29, L39, Citation 500/510s/525s, Eclipse 500S and DA10. His company, Personal Wings, provides training,
mentoring and aircraft services. You can contact Rich at
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