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 Power from the Start
Battery Talk with Mid-Continent Instruments
and Avionics and True Blue Power by Rich Pickett
  Since its founding 55 years ago as a small repair station in Wichita, Kansas, Mid-Continent Instruments and Avionics has progressively expanded its product line
and industry leadership. While the company remains a strong instrument overhaul and repair facility for a broad base of avionics, they continue to innovate with their own line of avionics, instruments and True Blue Power products. The True Blue Power division includes a product line of USB charging ports, DC-to-AC inverters, voltage converters and lithium-ion batteries.
Powering Crew and Passengers
With crew and passengers now carrying more varied and powerful portable devices, the demand for aircraft-powered
The recently released Gen5 battery family.
charging ports has increased. I have the original True Blue Power USB charging ports in my personal airplanes and found them to be very effective, delivering adequate power for my portable electronic devices.
True Blue Power recently announced the release of the TA360 series – a new line of high-speed charging ports that utilize USB Power Delivery (PD) technology to deliver up to 120 watts of power. Building upon the previous TA102 and TA202 lines, which are still available, the TA360 charging ports are available in single and dual USB-A and USB-C configurations. Unlike the previous series that can operate from 10-32V aircraft line voltage, these higher power charging ports are only available with 22-32V input
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