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 past an overhaul, most buyers will not account this buy-in into their equa- tion due to the fresh engines. Alter- natively, with the same coverage and buy-in for an airplane approaching overhaul, a buyer would likely take into account the full $500,000 buy-in.
Other variables like ADS-B and WAAS vs. ADS-B and WAAS/LPV can mean a difference in value of up to $175,000. That’s on top of the “normal” variables like seating configurations, WiFi and other attributes specific to the model (e.g., an APU on an Excel was optional).
Historic Comparison
I’m also a fan of looking at the historical numbers. As you can see below, the sheer volume of trades has generally been trending up, though
they are still not back to mid-2000- era numbers.
And as I mentioned earlier, while transactions were up in 2018, we were happy to see values staying relatively stable throughout the year on both the Excel and XLS as well.
So, what does this all mean? It means that on a macro-level, values seem to be holding steady, but I sense change is in the air. Specifically, for the Excel fleet due to the vast number of former NetJets aircraft currently held in inventory by Textron. This will no doubt start affecting the val- ues of aircraft across the board at some point, much like the Citation X fleet experienced back in 2015-2016. However, the value of your specific airplane is going to be dependent
upon many factors, including aircraft age, total time, engine program level, avionics upgrades, ADS-B compli- ance, WiFi, paint and interior condi- tion, among other things.
With the help and research con- tinuously conducted by jetAVIVA’s sales advisors, I meticulously track on- and off-market aircraft as well as obtain sold prices for recent transac- tions. I’ve spent years refining and perfecting my super-secret-squirrel spreadsheet on the XL markets. Even my colleagues tend to glaze over or go cross-eyed at the level of detail that goes into my calculations. But at the end of the day, I am confident in the data I provide an owner with a valu- ation of their aircraft, or when I’m buying an aircraft for my acquisition clients. The market is the market; I just report the weather.
Stay tuned for “A Guide to the Citation 560XL Series: Part 2” in an upcoming Jet Journal.
     Kandi Spangler is a sales director at jetAVIVA. She has more than 20 years of aviation experience. You can contact Kandi at kandi.spangler@
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