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A Guide to the
Citation 560XL Series: Part 1
 The most common question I hear when I tell people I’m the 560XL expert for jetAVIVA is, “What is the proper nomenclature when referring to this aircraft: Excel or XL?” Technically, they’re both cor- rect. The original airplane’s official marketed name is the “Citation Excel.” However, like every certified aircraft model, an official serial number des- ignation is given. In the case of the Excel, that serial number designation is 560XL-XXXX (the last four digits representing the unique serial num- ber). So, “XL” was picked up early as a quick way to write about the Excel. Incidentally, that “XL” terminology now encompasses all three models: Excel, XLS and XLS+.
Citation 560XL
The Citation XL series aircraft is the world’s best-selling business jet
for a reason. The airplane is versa- tile, has excellent range, can land on shorter runways, offers a roomy cabin and ample baggage space, and most importantly, is economical to operate – which brings me to the whole reason for writing this guide covering the XL lineup. jetAVIVA is a top dealer/broker in the industry through the vast number of transac- tions we handle each year, including Citation XLs.
This guide is my way of provid- ing value to Excel/XLS/XLS+ cli- ents past, current and future. The series will focus on several areas: 1) Providing current and prospective owners valuable information related to aircraft values; 2) What we see in pre-buy inspections and how this can help you as a buyer or seller; 3) What new technologies to look for if you plan on holding on to your airplane
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