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Fiveon the Fly by Rebecca Groom Jacobs
Kandi Spangler
1. Can you describe your aviation background?
I first fell in love with aviation in 1992 after experiencing a nighttime training flight in a C172 with a high school friend of mine. So, I borrowed money from an older sibling and started flight training at the age of 16 in eastern Ohio. Thereafter, I attended Embry-Riddle and graduated with a management degree.
Over the past 20 years, I have worked in various operational and manage- ment roles starting at NetJets (where I met my husband). Then I moved on to Part 135 and eventually aircraft maintenance marketing and sales. All of these roles gave me an excellent platform to make the jump into aircraft
jetAVIVA sales in 2013, and I haven’t looked back since. I love this job and find it
Sales Director
Denver, Rocky Mountain Metropolitan Airport (KBJC)
PPL, Instrument
incredibly rewarding.
2. As someone who monitors the marketplace closely, how has the turbine aircraft market trended in recent years? How do you predict the presidential election will affect the market in 2020?
Predicting the aircraft marketplace is like predicting the weather; the
further out you look, the harder it is to determine what the climate will be like. However, my internal market barometer tells me that we can expect activity to level off some after the first of the year, but it will still be somewhat robust for certain market segments.
Interestingly, we’ve seen a real dichotomy of the marketplace the past 18 months that I expect to continue into for the foreseeable future. I don’t believe we can identify trends based on market segments anymore, but rather, we need to look at specific makes/models of aircraft to see if they are healthy
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