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 number of upgrades and a new manager. It is a wonderful place to visit. Speaking of Saint Martin, it was pretty heavily damaged by a hurri- cane a couple of years ago. The FBO at Grand Case is mandatory and it is expensive.
On Dominica, there is a new Kem- pinski recently opened. It is a pretty exciting place because Dominica hasn’t previously been on the map of travel in the Caribbean. Not to be con- fused with the Dominica Republic, Dominica is located between south of Guadeloupe and north of the Grena- dines. On the island, there are hot springs, a river and a large hotel with 151 rooms.
In the Grenadines, I personally love the Mandarin Oriental on the island of Canouan. It is undoubt- edly one of the more unique small resorts of the islands of the Carib- bean. Some people also talk about the hotel in Bequia, which is called the Friendship Bay Estate.
North in Antigua, we have Jumby Bay, Curtain Bluff and Carlisle Bay. On Virgin Gorda, which is finally starting to reopen following hurricane damage, we have the Little Dix Bay now in full operation and worth stay- ing again. It’s a very unique lifestyle. Another place called Valley Trunk is reopening and it is fantastic.
There is also another hotel going in Saint Barth. But, keep in mind that you cannot bring a jet or any airplane in Saint Barth if you have not received an endorsement from a local pilot. It’s a place you can land only after receiv- ing an endorsement as it is closed to jets mostly because the runway is very short – about 2,200 feet. But there are a number of beautiful places there to go to like La Sereno or Manapany.
Now crossing over to the other side of the Caribbean towards the Pacific and Central America, Panama is striv- ing with tourism. There is a charming resort off the airport of David called Isla Secas Resort, which is on the
Gulf of Chiriqui. Not easy to access but worthwhile.
In Costa Rica, there is the An- daz on the Peninsula Papagayo not far away from the Four Seasons in Papagayo. There is also a place called Nayara Resort, where they take full advantage of the unique beauty of Costa Rica with lodging and amenities among the pristine rainforest.
In the Dominican Republic, there is a brand new, high-end Club Med that has opened and worth taking a look. There is also the Nickelodeon Hotel and Resort in Punta Cana.
Stay tuned for my next article in an upcoming issue regarding desti- nation-specific do and don’ts.
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