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  current operators of S-TEC-equipped aircraft have the po- tential to upgrade, owners of aircraft without autopilots can also take advantage of this new digital offering. Genesys has built an approval list of more than 100 aircraft, and they are extending the approvals on an ongoing basis with the King Air 90, 100 and 200 models expected to be approved in the coming months.
Genesys Aerosystems has also committed to continu- ally improving the S-TEC 3100 and 5000. The company has embarked on a software and hardware upgrade to specifi- cally accommodate flying in icing conditions. This is an important consideration since the safe operating envelope of an aircraft changes when flying in icing. As pilots are aware, when operating in icing, you typically will fly at a higher minimum speed both in level flight and on ap- proach. In addition, flying an approach in icing conditions requires reduced flap extension, or none at all, which also increases the approach and landing speeds. This optional FIKI enhancement will utilize the state of the propeller de-ice switch position to adjust the low-speed envelope protection limit for flight segments when it is activated.
The Genesys Aerosystems S-TEC 5000 autopilot offers a similar design for Part 25 aircraft. Currently, it is offered on the Casa 212, Casa CN235 and Dornier 228 airplanes. Genesys Aerosystems is also evaluating potential expan- sion to other Part 25 aircraft.
Options for Rotorcraft
Helicopter operators can install one of Genesys Aerosystems’ VFR or IFR stability augmentation systems – the HeliSAS Autopilot Stability and Augmentation System. The list of approved rotorcraft for VFR use is substantially large, while the current IFR approv- als are limited to the Airbus EC-145e and the Sikorsky UH- 60 Blackhawk.
Additional Products
In addition to the autopilot product line, Genesys Aero- systems continues to support and enhance the Chelton Flight Systems EFIS offerings. With an expansive approval list, both airplane and rotorcraft, they provide high-res- olution WAAS-enabled displays complete with synthetic vision for the special mission market. Additional informa- tion on Genesys Aerosystems products can be found at
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