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  Another terrific feature is the Telligence Voice Command. You press and hold the Push-to-Command (PTC) switch while you make one of many voice commands, such as “Show Approaches Page,” “Say distance to destination,” or “Tune destination tower.”
In the basic CJ2, if both generators are off-line and the battery is the only source of electrical power, the full system will run for only 10 minutes. With battery in EMER, the emergency bus will be powered for 30 minutes. The GI275 has an internal AHRS and Air Data Computer and internal battery that powers the unit for a minimum of 75 minutes, a significant improvement over the original standby instruments.
In conclusion, this is the system that I wanted for a long time. All professional pilots that I use for backup know the system without training. I am totally happy with the system and excellent work completed by JetTech.
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