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by Dale Smith
As much as we’d like to believe they are value- adding, the fact is, many variables impact just how much your new avionics will positively impact the bottom line when it comes time to sell.
I can tell you from many years of personal experience; new avionics have a nearly hypnotic effect on aircraft own- ers. When they see a shiny new gizmo of any type, their eyes glaze over, and the desire to add it to their aircraft’s panel becomes overwhelming. Even with purchase and installation costs often running well into the five-figure range, owners will attempt to justify the upgrade to themselves and their significant other by saying, “It’ll add value to my airplane.”
Well, if your definition of “value” means more money, then you might and probably won’t recoup a good percent- age of said upgrade. The truth of the matter is that the “added value” that comes with a particular upgrade means something different to every owner. Yes, to some, it’s more money at closing. To others, increased value comes from adding a piece of equipment that makes them a better, safer pilot. And there are a lot of grey areas in between.
So, let’s look at the two types of owners and their goals: The “keeper,” who wants improved aircraft usefulness/ safety, and the “seller,” who’s obviously looking for a higher selling price.
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