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                    through oral lessons and hands-on experiences, I learned more about aerodynamics than in any other training event before. Dan had a spark in him when it came to teaching these topics. He had a way of enthusiastically explaining his lessons, questioning for retention, and then expanding the topic to connect with others. His depth of knowledge, much like his skills in acrobatic flying, seemed to know no limits.
Dan’s zeal was infectious, so it is no surprise that his influence spread to many like-minded individuals in the Tampa Bay and Lakeland area. So proud of his aviation community, he even gener- ously organized a BBQ for Rebecca and me at the Lakeland airport during our visit. While there, I heard stories from multiple pilots how Dan was the source of their aviation bug, or about the hours of instruction he provided, or the unforgettable trips they had been on together. I know that Dan’s aviation legacy will live on through this tightknit network of friends. And after becoming fast friends with Dan myself, I too have stories that I will be telling of my time with him for the rest of my life.
I started this segment by saying I was one of the lucky to have never lost a friend in an aviation accident. Though I can no longer say those words, I can say that I was one of the lucky ones to have been friends with Dr. Daniel Greenwald.
Blue skies and tailwinds, Dr. Dan. You are missed.
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