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 With the new servo-controlled PCL, the pilot can set a speed and the sys- tem maintains it. It is another feature that reduces workload – especially when ATC requests a specific speed, or you are f lying a speed-restricted departure or arrival procedure.
I spoke with Steven Slijepcevic, president of Honeywell’s Electronic Solutions, and Jason Bialek, director of EPIC Cockpit Systems, regarding the new Honeywell suite in the NGX. In addition to Honeywell’s contribu- tion to the autothrottle, the avionics and systems upgrades are so extensive that Pilatus Aircraft renamed the up- graded cockpit the Advanced Cockpit Environment (ACE). In addition to the autothrottle, Honeywell updated the avionics suite to incorporate the fea- tures in their Epic 2.0 platform. The upgrade is significant and includes more powerful processors, updated synthetic vision, Emergency Descent Mode (EDM) and the Crew Alerting System (CAS). It can also call up the
associated electronic checklist on the MFD when a condition occurs.
I was able to explore the new avi- onics with Anthony Vallon, a test pi- lot for Pilatus Aircraft. Vallon, who f lew the airplane from the factory in Switzerland, was understandably excited about the NGX. A pilot with substantial experience in all Pilatus aircraft, as well as his own RV-8, he took me through various profiles with the new suite. The new system incor- porates advanced features that have been implemented in Honeywell’s other platforms, such as the intui- tive touch controller. This controller can control a number of functions, including quick COM and NAV tuning, environment control, weather display and datalink.
The upgraded avionics also incor- porates Honeywell’s SmartLanding and SmartRunway awareness and advisory system. This system offers several unique features like advis- ing the pilot if they are lined up on a different runway from the approach they have loaded into the FMS.
The third major area of improve- ment that Bucher highlighted was the cabin experience. Pilatus took the al- ready-large cabin windows of the PC- 12 and made them 10 percent larger. To the passengers, it provides a sub- stantial change in their outside view. Pilatus also improved passenger and crew comfort by improving the air conditioning and interior. The compa- ny worked with BMW Designworks on six different interior options and now offers passengers seats with full re- cline, taller seatbacks and more head- room. It is clear that their experience with the PC-24 has had a synergistic impact on the PC-12 as well.
As someone who flies the PC-12 regularly, I am thoroughly impressed by the advancements Pilatus has in- corporated into their latest turboprop – one that is sure to raise the bar for other manufacturers. Stay tuned for a PC-12 NGX flight review in an upcoming issue.
   New Online Garmin GTN 650/750 Course
 King Schools has released a new interactive online course dedicated to “Flying the Garmin GTN 650/750.” The course is meant for pilots who are new to the GTN navigators or in need of a refresher. The course features both VFR and IFR teachings, with more than six hours of video that can be taken either online or off line using a free iPhone/iPad app.
“The advanced touch screen tech- nology of the Garmin GTN navigators is an absolute dream when you know
how to use it,” said King Schools Co-Chairman, Martha King. “This course is much more than a man- ual or simple how-to video. The on- screen graphics demonstrating the operations are easy to follow and will have you up to speed quickly and efficiently. The videos use vivid real-life scenarios with clear instruc- tions that prepare you so well that when you get in the airplane, your hands and eyes will automatically go to the right place.”
This course is available at King- at the retail price of $179.
 SRS Introduces Onboard Coffee Brewer
     During NBAA in October, SRS Aviation displayed its new onboard coffee maker, Jet Java. The product was recently TSO-certified for all fixed-wing aircraft and is approved for either a cabin or galley install.
“This is a new product to the market and new technology,” said Dave Laurin,
president of SRS Aviation. “We’re the only TSO certified pod brewer on the market.”
The brewer comes with four inter- changeable trays to accommodate various beverage options including coffee beans, tea bags and beverage pods. It is not hooked to a potable
water source and operates on 4 amp 110VAC or 12 amp 28VDC. More infor- mation can be found at
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