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   Return will advise the passengers. In this situation, a message will appear on the MFD advising the passengers to activate CAPS. This information is also included in the passenger briefing on the checklist.
If the conditions allow, and the pi- lot does not cancel Safe Return, the system will descend the aircraft and proceed with the appropriate approach through the use of a control stick switch. Configuration of the aircraft with gear and flaps is automatic. Since the flight will transition between dif- ferent ATC sectors, the system will change to the appropriate frequency, whether that is approach control, con- trol tower or even CTAF. Emergency services will also be called while si- multaneously transmitting the same information on 121.5 Mhz.
On the approach, Safe Return also utilizes a new radar altimeter for a more precise glide path and land- ing. Once on the ground, using GPS- based speed sensors on the brakes, Safe Return will progressively apply pressure to the brake master cylinder until a complete stop and set a parking brake. With the engine tail-mounted, it is not a safety issue so it will continue running in case a pilot needs to taxi the plane off the runway.
When thinking about the two emer- gency safety systems, Safe Return is primarily meant for pilot incapaci- tation, while CAPS is in case of an aircraft emergency that cannot be con- trolled or resolved. Cirrus will include Safe Return as standard equipment in their 2020 Vision Jet models starting in January. The new feature is expected to add $100,000 to the base price.
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