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   system descriptions, designing new products or features, scoping efforts, creating and following schedules, reviewing system safety, answering questions from customers in the field, and a bunch of other things. It’s probably no surprise that with a project
like Autoland, my typical day varies greatly and can prove to
be challenging, interesting and exciting to say the least.
3) Developing Autoland, Garmin’s revolutionary flight deck safety feature, has been a huge partof your life for the past few years. How does it feel to see it finally certified and in the marketplace? It’s so rewarding and exciting to see Autoland certified. I get to finally tell my grandfather about it – he keeps asking what I’m working on and I haven’t been able to tell him! I have never worked on something I care about so much with such amazing, passionate people. Honestly, I wish I was able to work on something like Autoland forever – it’s been challenging, exhausting and so much fun.
4) Garmin is among the most innovative companies in general aviation. How does the company’s culture help drive that innovation and desire to offer the best solutions for pilots?
I think if you ask anyone at Garmin, they will likely say the people are what make Garmin great. Garmin seeks out and hires passionate people who want to make an impact. Garmin invests a lot in R&D and encourages engineers to become pilots and fly regularly, even flying engineers to AirVenture every year to see our products in action and meet pilots. With so many engineers who are pilots or friends/spouses of pilots, it brings home who you are making these products and features for.
5) As a successful female in a STEM field, what would you say to other young women considering a career in engineering within the aviation field?
I have found mentors and friendships to be very helpful in navigating jobs, difficult situations and tough days. Friends and mentors are especially great to celebrate with, too. Some of the best advice my mentors gave me is to continually push yourself out of your comfort zone but remember to take care of yourself and your other interests
 as well.
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