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of runway settings such as a sloping runway in Price, Utah, which has a 1.8-degree downslope on Runway 19. It also tested it up to the M600’s demonstrated crosswind to ensure it could crab appropriately and then transition to a smooth and accurate f lare-to-touchdown.
After landing, it has a “course” anti-skid function for aircraft instal- lations that have differential braking capability using servos located in the aircraft’s braking system. “We blend the rudder and brake pedals as we slow the aircraft down to help steer it and keep it on the centerline. So, the system differentially applies the brakes and relieve pressure if it feels it slipping. Its only goal is to relieve enough pressure to maintain direc- tional control,” Patel said.
To test the braking capability in the most challenging conditions, Gar- min requested airport authorities not to plow the runway or apply de-icing after a major Kansas snowstorm so that they could test the braking sys- tem in poor traction conditions. In every instance, Autoland kept the aircraft tracking down the center- line of the runway. After coming to a stop, the system shuts down the engine allowing passengers to make a safe exit.
Human Factors Drive Passenger Interface
One of the most fascinating and well-executed aspects of Autoland is its passenger interface, which the company spent considerable effort to get right. Once Autoland is acti- vated, the normal G3000 displays are replaced with simple visuals ac- companied by verbal communica- tions of what is happening and what passengers can expect. The flight displays show the aircraft location along with destination airport, es- timated time of arrival, distance to destination airport and fuel remain- ing. Basic flight information such as airspeed, altitude and heading are labeled in an easy-to-understand format. If passengers wish to com- municate with ATC, instructions are provided with the touchscreen interface now functioning as a
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