September 2019

A Career Shaped by Turboprops

In light of the pre-owned turboprop series kicking off this issue, I asked my father Randy Groom to recount some of his personal experiences and observations after selling turboprops (in addition to pistons and jets) for 30-plus years. Below he paints a picture of the product changes and industry trends seen in the turboprop market Read More

What Makes a Turboprop Safer? Answer: You

Two engines or one? If your aircraft is equipped with the highly reliable Pratt & Whitney Canada PT-6 turboprop engine, are you really safer in a twin rather than a single?  This perennial debate gets resurrected every time there is a high-profile crash. And we’ve had a few in the last few months that caught Read More

Top Turboprop Series: Pre-Owned Piper Meridian and Daher TBM 700C2

In my experience, the single-engine turbine market has been on fire for the last few years. I train prolifically in this market and have noted strong demand for training services from pilots who are moving up in performance or size. I think every piston pilot has a desire to one day own and operate a Read More

Five on the Fly: Samantha Lohse

WHO: Samantha Lohse POSITION: Senior Program Manager HOMEBASE: White Plains, NY 1. Can you summarize the history and mission of Corporate Angel Network (CAN)? Corporate Angel Network arranges free travel on business aircraft for cancer patients traveling to and from treatment. Established in 1981, Corporate Angel Network has arranged more than 60,000 flights and continues to Read More

The Latest on the Cessna Denali and SkyCourier

Textron Aviation currently has 19 aircraft in production and is continuing the progression with the development of two new turboprops – the single-engine Cessna Denali and twin-engine Cessna SkyCourier. Differing in design and mission, the products represent new opportunities for the company.  We recently visited with Textron Aviation’s Martin Tuck (technical marketing advisor), Matt Warner Read More

Intro to Aerobatics: Sequel to “Fly It Like a Fighter”

As professional aviators, we can watch air show routines and especially appreciate the years of practice and countless flight hours it must take for aerobatic performers to hone their skills – fast, loud and low; abrupt pushes, pulls and tumbles; violent, precise and crisp. It is an incredible thing to witness. But how many of Read More

Bose Releases ProFlight Series 2

Bose debuted its latest aviation headset, the ProFlight Series 2, at this year’s EAA AirVenture. Since the original version launched in April of 2018, the company has continued to update and improve the product. The ProFlight is primarily targeted for pilots flying turbine aircraft, but I’ve used the headset in several types of aircraft including Read More

The Touch

I am sitting in the jump seat of a CJ2 brandishing my seldom-used CFI ticket and CE-525 type rating to complete a 61.55 ride for the pilot in the right front seat. It turns out that the pilot, Carolyn, let her second-in-command authorization run out a week ago and she and her husband John have a Read More

Participation Trophy

Generations Silent – 1928-1945 – Strong work ethic, humility, prudent saver Boomers – 1946-1964 – Idealistic, revolutionary, collectivist Generation X – 1965-1980 – Materialistic, competitive, individualistic Millennials (Gen Y) – 1981-1996 – Globalist, questioning, self-oriented Gen Z – 1997-? – “Communaholic,” dialoguer, realistic Squarely in the middle of the boomers, I grew up in aviation Read More

Load Shed

We have all heard this term before. It usually appears in a discussion of the electrical system during our initial or recurrent training, as in, which systems systems are lost in the event of an engine failure. I would like to use it another way. Follow along on this circuitous analogy. Professional athletes are trained Read More