October 2020

Feature Your
Airplane in T&T

In this issue we introduce a new section of the magazine called the “Owner’s Corner” – a space dedicated to stories written by you, the reader and owner-pilot.  The intent here is to stretch beyond a typical flight review and deeply explore various owner-flown aircraft through an operator’s eyes. Whether its operational nuances, maintenance know-how Read More


In Response to Kevin Ware’s “To Trade or Not to Trade” Just read your piece referenced above. Your logic aligns with my own. I bought my 340A in 1980 and it does what I need and probably more economically than any of the reasonable alternatives. As you noted, however, older planes need occasional major TLC. In Read More

Scenarios in Pilot Fatigue

PHOTO COURTESY OF TONY LAVAN From the NTSB: During the approximately five-hour, 25-minute night instrument flight, the pilot of a Pressurized Beech Baron elected not to stop at his planned fuel stop. Upon reaching the destination airport, weather conditions were 300 overcast and two miles visibility in drizzle, which were worse than the forecast. The Read More

CitationM2: Flying the Heavy-Hitting Light Jet

PHOTO COURTESY OF TEXTRON AVIATION With more than 2,200 jets produced in the Citation 525 series, you can find one at almost every business airport around the world. The line encompasses the CitationJet CJ, CitationJet CJ1+ and Citation M2 (525), CJ2 and CJ2+ (525A), CJ3 and CJ3+ (525B), and CJ4 (525C).  Our focus here is Read More

Simulator or In-Airplane?

PHOTO COURTESY OF MACH POINT ONE AVIATION Which is more effective: training in a simulator or training in a real airplane? It’s a common argument in our industry. And as one might guess, the providers of simulator training claim simulators are best, while providers of in-airplane training often say the airplane is better. With this Read More

Bumps in the Night:
Certain airplane noises can only be heard at night

Our nighttime perceptions encompass a complex cornucopia of psychological and sensory ingredients: flow experience (being in the zone), depersonalization (a sense that things around us aren’t real), dissociative experience (lack of continuity between thoughts, surroundings and actions), visual deprivation, mind-wandering, disorientation and fatigue. All of which can result in summoning the Boogeyman. In a training Read More

Piper Cheyenne 400LS:
Outpacing the Test of Time

by Farhad Saba, Owner-Pilot With its 351-knot max cruise speed, efficient Garrett engines, fastest climb rate in its class, FL410 service ceiling, long range and short/uniåmproved runway capability, the rare Piper Cheyenne 400LS can still outperform many turboprops and light jets in various phases of flight and missions. Background From 1973 to 1974 America faced Read More

A Companion’s Guide
to Survival

She must have walked by the tiny children’s play table a hundred times, muttering something under her breath. My wife Patty was stressed. Laid out on the table was a color poster of the cockpit of a Citation CJ3. Patty would soon have to land one all by herself in a full-motion simulator, courtesy of Read More