October 2018

Owner Pilots: A Breed Apart

In light of NBAA taking place this month, I asked my father Randy Groom to recount some of his personal experiences and observations after selling business aircraft for 30-plus years. Below he addresses types of customers, business aviation trends and the common themes that tie owner pilots together.    One of the best parts of Read More

The Hero’s Honor They Deserve

“Who’s your hero?” That inquiry is one of the go-to questions journalists (like me) often ask when interviewing someone for a profile. It not only provides insight into one’s personality and motivations, it reveals the qualities or traits the person values most. For Washington attorney Erin Miller, the answer to that question is quite simple. Read More

NBAA 2018 Preview

Business Aviation’s biggest event of the year is quickly approaching. The 2018 NBAA Business Aviation Convention & Exhibition (NBAA-BACE) will be held Oct. 16-18 in Orlando, Florida. The event will feature a wide selection of education sessions, keynote speakers and exhibitors showcasing the latest and greatest in business aviation products.  This year, NBAA is promising Read More

2018 NBAA-BACE: Optimism and Opportunity • A Conversation with NBAA’s Ed Bolen

With only days remaining until the kick-off of the 2018 NBAA-BACE Convention & Exhibition, the business aviation community prepares to gather for three days of impactful, educational and thought-provoking keynote speakers, forums and exhibits. In addition, safety, emerging technologies and a focus on the emerging young leaders in business aviation will be among the major themes. Read More

The Difference Between Good and Bad Decisions

Consider yourself in this situation: You’re receiving your Flight Review in your own airplane. You’re in the traffic pattern to a runway that is not terribly short, but your performance calculations reveal to be close to the minimum length you personally accept under the day’s conditions. There’s a 30-foot tall line of trees on the Read More

The Big Things About Little Engines

Bigger, faster, stronger…it’s always better, right? Well, maybe so and maybe no.  In aviation, smaller can bring some real benefits if there are size constraints. The airplane that can’t fit in your hangar will not do a lot of good. And parasite drag is directly commensurate with the size of the object being hurled though Read More

Attitude: The Theory of Everything

After having flown with hundreds of pilots over the years, I’ve noticed huge variations among the group as it pertains to each individual’s innate ability, dedication to precision and attitude toward their continued education and thorough training.  While some pilots are truly naturals when it comes to stick and rudder, others are masters of the Read More

Garmin Upgrades the Venerable Citation Excel/XLS

Operators of the Cessna Citation Excel and XLS (CE560XL) will soon have a great opportunity to upgrade their airplanes with the latest avionics technology. Garmin is in the final stages of certification of the G5000 avionics suite for the Excel and XLS, which they expect to be completed in Q1 of 2019. The Excel, with Read More

Old Dogs & Old Airplanes

Airplanes can be like an old hunting dog – very much liked and appreciated, but after years of faithful service, they regrettably need to be “put down.” This was recently the case with our old Lear 35. Knowing it was to be our Lear 35’s last trip before its final flight to the “vet’s office,” Read More

Guppy Maximus

The Boeing 737 MAX: Guppy or Sardine? Almost two years, several flight physicals and a few check rides ago, I reluctantly transitioned from the left seat of the Mad Dog to the left seat of the Guppy (see “Guppy School,”  T &T Jan., 2017 and “In the Groove,” T & T Jun., 2017). The latest Read More

Stress Test

Hello sim tech, this is Dewaine, instructor in the M2 sim. We have all sorts of problems here. The simulator is frozen, airspeed is inoperative and we need a reset.” Such was the situation Larry King and I found ourselves in on day three of our recent recurrent in Wichita. Our planned 6 p.m. departure Read More