October 2016

Call this number for a possible pilot deviation

Eight words that can really ruin your day. In over 47 years of flying, I had never heard them. It’s not that I have never pushed the limits of the FAR’s. I just haven’t been caught doing it. And, while I often write this column with a fully-developed sense of humor, I take my flying Read More

En Route: Garmin® Announces New Enhancements To G500/G600 Displays

On July 19, 2016, Garmin International Inc. announced an expanded feature set for the G500/G600 glass flight displays. The new GTX 345 all-in-one Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast (ADS-B) transponder now interfaces with the G500/G600 to display ADS-B In traffic and weather. Additionally, database synchronization streamlines database updating when two G500/G600 systems are paired together, or when a G500/G600 Read More

En Route: New Caravan and King Air customers to receive up to two years full maintenance coverage free of charge

Textron Aviation Inc. launched its Peace of Mind program on August 2, 2016, designed to create a simpler transition to new Cessna Caravan and Beechcraft King Air turboprops. Peace of Mind provides up to two years or 400 hours of Textron Aviation’s industry leading ProParts and ProTech programs, as well as Pratt & Whitney’s ESPecially engine maintenance program, Read More

En Route: Hartzell Engine Technologies Introduces New 60A Direct Drive Alternator for Continental Engines

New alternator provides dramatically improved efficiency, cut-in performance and increased output at engine idle speeds.  Mike Disbrow, president of Hartzell Engine Technologies (HET), announced on June 29 that the company has introduced the ES-6024D, a new-generation 24V/60A direct-drive alternator created for six-cylinder Continental engines. “This new unit is based on the highly reliable, field proven Read More

En Route: Garmin® G5000™ Integrated Flight Deck receives STC for Beechjet 400A/Hawker 400XP

On August 30, 2016, Garmin International Inc. announced that the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has granted supplemental type certification (STC) for the G5000 avionics suite in the Beechjet 400A/Hawker 400XP aircraft. The G5000 modernizes the cockpit, increases aircraft utility, offers significant weight savings and provides operators with a solution to fulfill global next generation airspace Read More

En Route: L-3 Lynx Connectivity Available in ForeFlight Mobile

ForeFlight’s Connect platform continues to expand to include L-3’s Lynx line of ADS-B products. ForeFlight customers can connect wirelessly via Wi-Fi to L-3’s Lynx NGT-9000, -2000, and -2500 models to receive ADS-B traffic and weather and GPS data in ForeFlight. The NGT-9000, -9000+, -9000D, and 9000D+ all-in-one transponder solutions replace current transponders to provide FAA mandate-compliant Read More

En Route: Hartzell and Texas Turbine Conversions Develop New Supervan 900™ Composite Prop

Hartzell Propeller and airplane modifier Texas Turbine Conversions are collaborating on a Supplemental Type Certificate for a new four-blade composite swept propeller for the single-engine Supervan 900™ aircraft. The propeller STC is expected in the fourth quarter of 2016. “The Hartzell/Texas Turbine program matches engine upgrades for converted Cessna Caravans with structural composite propellers especially designed for Read More

Twin Proficiency: The Second Most Important Checklist

Often, single-pilot operators don’t use checklists like pilots of crew-type airplanes. Yet the reason checklists exist is to ensure that nothing is forgotten, that the airplane is fully configured for the current or next phase of flight. With no First Officer acting as a backup and quality control, the Captain of a single-pilot airplane is Read More

Innova Aerospace Offers Improvements for “Forgotten” King Airs

In twin presentations at EAA Airventure Oshkosh last July, Innova Aerospace unveiled upgrade packages for the venerable King Air 90-series airplanes. Unlike most mods, the Innova upgrades are planned for all cruciform-tail King Airs, even the A90 and B90 series. Shortly before the Oshkosh showing, we visited Innova’s base at Perryville, Missouri, a river-plain airport Read More

From the Flight Deck: Abducted

Flying an aging airliner  into an unfriendly alien world Seated in a stiff wood chair, the room smelled of pencil shavings and old books; like a library or grade-school classroom. Well lighted, the retro-décor was cold-war era – both spartan and sterile. Single-pane windows were mounted in the military gray, cinder-block walls. The caulking was Read More

The Reason Why

When reviewing and polishing the techniques and skills of flying, we often lose sight of the reason behind our pursuit of excellence. The goal is NOT to become as good as we can possibly be at performing a maneuver. Rather, it should be to understand WHY the maneuver is important. That is the element that Read More

AVFAB Launches New AVFabulous Update for King Airs

Aviation Fabricators, located in Clinton, Missouri, has announced a broad package of interior improvements for the Beech King Air 90 and 200 series. Termed the “AvFabulous” upgrade, the mix-and-match menu allows customers to tailor elements of the package to suit individual needs. We recently toured the AvFab C90 demonstrator aircraft during a visit to the Read More

Flying Piper’s New M600 Turboprop

Barely a month following its certification, we were privileged to fly the Piper M600, the newest and greatest of the PA-46 turboprops in Piper’s stable. It appears that, from what we saw, fifteen years after the first Meridian was delivered, Piper has achieved the perfect formula for its personal turboprop. If you’ve tuned in late, Read More

Editor’s Briefing: Control Freaking

Ever wonder why we have that uneasy feeling in the pit of our viscera just before we launch on a big trip? Most likely, we are tied up in knots because we’re not in total control. Pilots are, by nature, control freaks. The very definition of Pilot In Command reeks of control. We must stay Read More

Sharing The Burden, And The Benefits

Owning and managing a cabin-class airplane can be a burdensome proposition, despite the beneficial bounties of being able to go where you want, when you want, in privacy. The care and feeding of our airplane isn’t cheap, especially when you add in storage, maintenance and insurance. Private flying is a wonderful freedom and privilege, at Read More