November 2016

On Final: Thanks, Arnie

Do you remember where you were when you earned your pilot’s license? How about exactly where you were standing when you decided to become a pilot? I do. It was the Spring of 1965, on a Friday afternoon. I was in junior high school. Atwell Junior High in Oak Cliff, a suburb of Dallas. I Read More

En Route: Blackhawk Pursues King Air 350 Engine Upgrade

In an announcement from company executives on August 30, 2016, Blackhawk Modifications, Inc. unveiled details about their newest XP Engine + Upgrade program, specifically for the King Air 350. Blackhawk is developing a Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) that will allow the installation and operation of the Pratt & Whitney Canada PT6A-67A engine, replacing the King Read More

En Route: Hawker 400XPR achieves FAA certification; first full upgraded 400XPR inducted

Beechcraft Corporation, a subsidiary of Textron Aviation, Inc., announced on September 15, 2016 that it has received Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) certification on all 400XPR program elements. All components of the exclusive factory-approved, engineered and supported upgrade package are available for installation on Beechjet 400A/Hawker 400XP aircraft at Textron Aviation service centers worldwide. The first Read More

En Route: Gulf Coast Avionics completes its first ADS-B Compliant Garmin Touchscreen upgrade on a Citation CJ1 Business Jet

ADS-B compliant touchscreen upgrade gives the legacy Citation’s pilot/owner new-generation capabilities and increased situational awareness. Rick Garcia, President and CEO of Gulf Coast Avionics Corporation, has announced that his company recently completed an ADS-B compliant Garmin touchscreen avionics upgrade on a 1998 Citation CJ1 (525). “The aircraft is owned and flown by a Tampa-based businessman Read More

En Route: TRU’s ProFlight® Pilot Training Earns FAA Qualification for its King Air 350 Pro Line Fusion Distance Learning Program

TRU Simulation + Training Inc. announced on September 16 that customers of its ProFlight King Air 350 pilot training program now have the option to train at home through its FAA-approved distance learning option for BE-300 recurrent training. TRU’s East Coast ProFlight Pilot Training center was the first to offer instruction on the new Pro Read More

Twin Proficiency: Night Risk Management

It’s the time of year when you are more likely to be flying in the dark. Objectively, it shouldn’t make much difference, especially if you’re flying IFR—just fly the procedures and keep your eyes on the instruments, and you should be all right. The record shows, however, that the rate of accidents at night is Read More

From the Flight Deck: Freezing Level Boots, Bleeds, Benefits and Beliefs

You’ve heard it before and have likely said it yourself: being on the ground wishing you were in the air is better than being in the air wishing you were on the ground. Inflight icing can make us wish we were on the ground. Structural icing occurs when supercooled water freezes on impact with any Read More

An insider’s guide to Trouble-Free Turbocharger Operation

With a little understanding, care and effort, you can achieve a lot more reliability from your aircraft’s turbocharger. It seems like every time I get around a group of pilots, the talk soon turns to turbochargers. And, seemingly, every pilot in the group has his/her own turbocharger horror story. I guess it’s understandable. As the Read More

2016 Holiday Gift Guide

“Living in the Age of Airplanes” Movie On DVD We who fly often assume, wrongly, that everyone knows how aviation works. And, our own limited perspective may blind us to the overall effect of routine global aviation on everyday living. Starting with our distant ancestors’ restriction to a world bounded by few days of walking, Read More

The PIAGGIO Royal Gull

A Twin-Engine Amphibian with Italian Flair The available examples of twin-engine general aviation amphibian airplanes make a very short list, and their marketing success has been quite limited, for various reasons. To build a rugged airframe for water use, light enough to be powered by relatively small piston engines, at a cost within reach of Read More