May 2017

Aviation Seen Through New Eyes

In early March, the 28th annual Women in Aviation International Conference was held in Orlando. (For the guys reading this, stay with me.) The conference attracted more than 4,500 attendees from 19 countries, 165 exhibiting companies, and featured astronauts, high-ranking, accomplished military aviators, and leaders in the airline and business aviation industry. To be honest, Read More

The Dreaded 709 Re-Examination

You are landing on runway 9 at your towered home airport, which has only an east-west runway. You have received the current ATIS, and it is reporting wind as 020 at 18, gust 25. The maximum demonstrated crosswind component of your aircraft is 17 knots. You are proficient, and have never had an issue landing Read More

Jet Journal: Legacy vs. Late Model: Which Option Makes Sense for You?

It’s time: you’re ready for your first jet. After flying around in the lower flight levels, you are prepared to attain your first type rating, see the world from FL410 and find out what it’s like to eat time zones for lunch. But where to start? After clicking on “jets for sale” in Controller, you’re Read More

Jet Journal: Why I Love My Legacy Citation

If well-maintained, legacy Citations offer capability & reliability with plenty of upgrade options. Twenty-five years ago, I was flying a Cheyenne II. I had owned it five years, having traded up from a Cessna 340. I was on top of the world owning a plane with jet engines. OK, it wasn’t really a jet but Read More

Jet Journal: Why I Love the Citation Mustang

Entry-level Model 510 is a simpler and better first jet. I learned to fly in a Cessna 150 in 1980. What a thrill it was for me to be at the controls of the sporty little aerobatic trainer with the checkered tail markings. I sometimes shared the traffic pattern at my home airport with Cessna’s Read More

Jet Journal: Flying For a Cause – Part 2

Part 2: The “How” of Charitable Flying Welcome to the second installment in our series on charitable flying. Last month we introduced the idea that cabin-class aircraft owners and pilots are well situated to carrying out these vital medical and humanitarian missions. As a reader of Twin & Turbine, you probably have access to one Read More

Jet Journal: Dutch Treat – Flight to retrieve fishing crew provides up-close look at life at “Deadliest Catch” port.

We are over the Bering Sea southwest bound at FL410 in the Lear 40. Off to our right is an ocean of broken ice heaped into odd-shaped forms. To our left is a group of yellow/brown tundra-covered islands with patches of snow visible even though we are well into spring. Except for one container ship Read More

Jet Journal: Five on the Fly

WHO: Kirby Ortega – Chief Pilot, Aircraft Management Programs COMPANY: Yingling Aviation WHERE: Wichita, Kansas QUALIFICATIONS: FAA Gold Seal Flight Instructor, FAA Designated Pilot Examiner, 30+ years at Cessna, former chief pilot piston engine operations, 25,000 hours 1. What led you to becoming (and remaining) a pilot at Cessna for 30 years? The versatility. I served in various piloting roles Read More

Tax Talk: Partners in Flight

Aircraft joint ownership can take many forms. Which one is right for you? Joint ownership qualifies as the oldest form of aircraft ownership, having originated with the Wright brothers. The primary advantage of joint ownership is one of economics. When an aircraft owner does not need access to an aircraft on a full-time basis, joint Read More

Winning the Demo Flight

At some point in your flying or aircraft ownership career, the time will likely come that you are considering stepping up to a higher performance aircraft. After researching airframes that fit your needs, mission and wallet, then it may be time to explore setting up a demonstration flight. But what can you expect in a Read More

Twin Proficiency: A Decision of Convenience

What effect does a tailwind have on your takeoff performance? More than you might think. The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) released an unusually detailed Preliminary Report on the crash of a turbocharged piston airplane: The aircraft impacted terrain shortly after takeoff from Stevensville Airport (32S), Stevensville, Montana. The private pilot and his passenger received Read More

TLC For Your Radome

The nose on your airplane does more than keep the wind from blowing through. As I taxied in to the ramp at the Greenville South Carolina Airport, the flight department manager waved me in and helped tie down. I had arrived to conduct a training session for his pilots on convective meteorology and airborne radar Read More

From the Flight Deck: When It Rains

It never rains in California, it pours, man it pours. – Albert Hammond, 1973 Proverb: It never rains, but it pours. Misfortunes or difficult situations tend to follow each other in rapid succession or to arrive all at the same time. We sometimes cite proverbs, myths, nursery rhymes, even superstitions in our search for excuses, Read More

SIMCOM Now Offers Concierge Service

SIMCOM Aviation Training is pleased to announce that they have partnered with Hospitality Too to provide concierge travel services for their customers in their Orlando and Scottsdale, Arizona locations. With this partnership, SIMCOM now offers discounted hotel accommodations, rental car and ground transportation. Scott Layman, an account executive with Hospitality Too, and will be located Read More

Embraer Delivers 400th Phenom 300

Last month, Embraer Executive Jets delivered its 400th Phenom 300. The milestone jet went to, an air charter and taxi company recently established in Naples, Florida. The delivery completes’s all-new Embraer aircraft fleet, consisting of one Legacy 500 and four Phenom 300 “We are honored by’s selection of Embraer aircraft and services to build their Read More

Flying Aussie Style in a Cessna 182

Touring Australia in a Cessna 182 Eight days, 22 flight hours, memories for a lifetime “I have an idea,” said friend and Citation owner Kirk Samuelson. “Let’s meet in Sydney, rent Cessna 182’s, and fly around Australia.” “Sounds interesting, but I fly jets and haven’t flown a single-engine anything in over 40 years,” I replied. Read More