May 2016

Peaches’ Great Escape

Some of you may be new to this publication but Peaches, our white English Golden Retriever, is certainly not. Indeed, she gets substantially more fan mail than I do. So, for all of you who need your Peaches “fix,” an update is in order. You may remember from previous articles that our six-year-old beast dances Read More

En Route: ForeFlight Acquires JetFuelX

Adds Jet fuel contract price management to portfolio ForeFlight, creator of the most widely-used flight planning and electronic flight bag app for Apple iPad and iPhone, recently announced that it has acquired JetFuelX, a free web-based fuel card management service for owners and operators of turbine aircraft, making it easy to find the lowest prices Read More

En Route: Banyan Air Service Completes Agreement With ATP To Begin Transitioning Technical Publication Libraries to Online Access

Aircraft Technical Publishers (ATP) Cloud-Based SaaS Application Enables Competitive Advantage With Improved Speed, Productivity, and Flexibility in Maintenance Operations Aircraft Technical Publishers (ATP) announced on March 1, 2016 that Banyan Air Service has completed an agreement with ATP to begin transitioning their entire technical information library from CD-based services to ATP’s Aviation Hub™ cloud-based SaaS Read More

En Route: Sierra Industries introduces engine lifespan extension for Pratt & Whitney JT15D fanjet family

Addressing the concerns of many owners and operators of Pratt & Whitney powered aircraft, Sierra Industries announced in late 2015 the creation of an affordable alternative to expensive engine overhauls every 3,500 hours. Known as the Fanjet Life EXtension (FLEXTM) program, this FAA-approved maintenance and inspection program can provide many years of additional service at Read More

En Route: Piper Aircraft Repositions M-Class Product Line

Piper Aircraft has announced the repositioning of the M-Class product line in anticipation of the certification of the M600, which is expected to take place in Q3 of this year. As part of the product repositioning, Piper Aircraft has reduced the price of the M500 from $2,264,000 to $1,990,000. Additionally, the newly-upgraded executive interior will Read More

En Route: Hartzell Engine Technologies announces the purchase of the SKy-Tec brand of high performance starters and solenoids.

Acquisition of the Sky-Tec products further demonstrates Hartzell Engine Technologies’ commitment to excellence in manufacturing and support of general aviation aircraft starters and solenoids. On April 5, 2016, Hartzell Engine Technologies LLC announced the company’s acquisition of the Sky-Tec brand of high performance aircraft starters and solenoids. “We are ecstatic to have successfully completed the Read More

En Route: Pratt & Whitney Offers New Engine Rebate with Blackhawk XP Upgrades

Through May 31, 2016, aircraft owners and operators who purchase a Blackhawk XP New Engine Upgrade for the Beechcraft King Air 200 or 90 series, Cessna Caravan, Cessna Conquest I, or Piper Cheyenne series aircraft will receive up to a $65,000 rebate from Pratt & Whitney Canada. To reduce downtime, the installation of the new Read More

On the Go (climbing out)

One of the most perilous conditions confronting a pilot is making the ol’ switcheroo from landing to climbing out. The aircraft starts in a low-power, high-drag configuration, flying with a limited amount of airspeed, near the ground or possibly already on it. The conclusion, if successful, is to be in climb power and drag configuration, Read More

Twin Proficiency: Public Trust

The private pilot of a Cessna 421 departed about 90 minutes after sunset on the cross-country flight. The climb and level-off at cruise altitude were uneventful and, based on the radar data, appeared to have been accomplished with the use of the autopilot. The cruise altitude of 27,000 feet was the highest the airplane had Read More

From the Flight Deck: The Pilot’s Mom

Mothers hold children’s hands for a short while – But their hearts forever. Dear Mom; You encouraged our interests, skills and sometimes our whims. Remember the stories you endured while I was growing up? Thanks for the typewriter. I used it to write tales about Boy Scouts, my first solo and becoming a private pilot; I Read More

Why Do I Need A Professional Appraiser?

When I talk about the methods used to select and purchase an aircraft with any number of buyers (piston or turbine), it seems their process is very similar. The buyers clearly understand their budget and needs (the type of aircraft, mission, equipment and so forth), but their next step involves going to their favorite broker, Read More

An Honor and a Privilege

We are eastbound from Olympia, Washington to Columbus, Ohio at FL 450 in the Lear 40, smoothly riding along in the sun, about 6,000 feet on top of an overcast. The cloud cover extends vertically almost to the ground and horizontally all the way to the east coast, with very few breaks. Airline 737 crews Read More

Editor’s Briefing: From Stratus To Cumulus

As the season of spring settles in across the upper portion of the U.S., long after it awakened in the southern tier of states, pilots find themselves plowing through the buildups of cumulus clouds. After a winter of popping up through layers of smooth stratus, we suddenly encounter a return to atmospheric lifting, dealing with Read More