May 2015

On Final: Thanks, Al Gore – Aviation Internet Weather

I read somewhere that Al Gore invented the Internet. And I believe just about everything I read. So, we have him to thank for most of all the cool aviation internet weather gadgets and apps that have come along in the past decade or so. I thought about Al as I drove to KADS (Addison) Read More

En Route: Wing Jet Center Awarded Status As Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business 

John Wing, CEO and Owner of Wing Jet Center at Lone Star Executive Airport (KCXO) in Conroe, Texas, was recently recognized for his service as an aviator during the Vietnam War by being awarded with the Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business status. “We are proud of this distinction, we are proud of my father’s Read More

En Route: Comp Air Aviation offering entire line on sale

Comp Air Aviation, one of the largest kit aircraft manufacturers in the world, supplying kit aircraft for more than 25-years, is putting its entire line of composite kit aircraft on sale. Whether you are looking for the ever-popular and economical CA-6 and CA-4 six and four-place piston-powered models, or one of the highly sought-after high Read More

En Route: Phenom 300, the most-delivered business jet for the 2nd year in a row

Embraer Executive Jets delivered 73 Phenom 300 in 2014, making it the most-delivered business jet in the world, according to a report by the General Aviation Manufacturers Association (GAMA). Deliveries of this aircraft reached a total of 60 in 2013, also the largest quantity for that year. “We are very grateful for our customers’ preference Read More

En Route: Daher Opens New Headquarters & Service Center In Pompano Beach Airpark in Florida

On March 20, 2015, Daher formally opened its new Airplane Business Unit’s U.S. headquarters at Pompano Beach, Florida, marking the occasion with a ribbon-cutting ceremony by Chairman and CEO Patrick Daher and Pompano Beach mayor Lamar Fisher. The event attracted more than 300 attendees and brought approximately 30 TBM aircraft to Pompano Beach Airpark (KPMP), Read More

From the Flight Deck: Aircraft Radio – Can You Hear Me Now?

 “NORDO.” That’s what it’s called when we lose our com radios – No aircraft Radio. There was a time when the majority of aircraft arriving at what was to become AirVenture Oshkosh were without a radio. Heck, they were without the whole electrical system; the same goes for flying into most non-tower airports. We sometimes Read More

Twin Proficiency: Watch and Learn

The greatest single advantage of personal air transportation is saving time. Whether you use that time to make money – by beating a competitor to market, serving clients faster, or making more service and sales calls in a period of time – or to improve your lifestyle – by getting back from work in time Read More

Squall Line Ahead – Now the Real Fun Begins – Flight Weather

Coping with supercell thunderstorms Read any book about flight weather and flying near thunderstorms and the standard advice will be to avoid the storm by 20 miles and don’t fly under the anvil. You’re also told to never try to out-climb building cumulonimbus cloud formations. Good advice, but is there anything specific that might help Read More

The Eye of the Pilot – Pilot Eye Qualifications

Preserving Vision For Flying In the old days of close-quarters dogfighting between fighter pilots, the man with the best visual acuity came home the victor. By spotting the bogies before they could see him, he could get into position for the shot early in the game. Of course, diving down out of the sun negated Read More

The Twin Commander Turboprops

A Commanding Presence During the winding down of massive wartime aircraft production at the end of World War II, military airplane builders and workers were suddenly faced with finding something else to do. Quite a few went to work on new civilian designs, employing techniques and materials that had been developed for the War effort. Read More

Editor’s Briefing: Greening Up – general aviation

As I write this, the relentless grip of winter has receded and there is, finally, a solid week of spring weather showing its welcome face. Now we can get back to enjoying general aviation flying. Oh, sure, we did some aviating in the cold and slick times, but it was considerable work to accomplish. It’s Read More